Cat DVD "While You Are Gone" Review

One Paw Up!

For Christmas I asked for the DVD of cat, "While You Are Gone." We got it from Amazon. It has some nice fishes, ducks, birds, and squirrelz. Sometimes Mom turns it on while we are home alone. We like to watch it for maybe 10 seconds but then we stop. But in a few minutes we come back and look again. It is interesting to have something new to watch.
We got it because our friend Maddie had one and she really likes to watch hers but hers is cooler although we thought this one would be cooler. But since we don't like to watch too much I don't think parents are going to ever get us another one. (The picture is of the us watching the DVD on the cat tree) Here you can get the DVD on Amazon.

Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy Review

Hide your Paws! No Paws Up!

We hate this toy, it is absolutely scary. The sound is scary and everything about it is scary. It makes loud sounds that scare kitties when you touch it. When you touch it it moves which would be cooler if it was small and furry. Mom got it for me when I was first a small kitten and Papaw disabled the sounds on it so it would be less scary but I still hate it. We never play with it. And recently mom took it out to see if maybe Figaro will like it now that he is older but it is not working anymore, even with new batteries. Mom said it is waste of our moneys. We got at Petsmart.

2-Tier Cat Tree from eBay Review

Two paws up! We only wish it were bigger

We have a 2 tiers cat tree from eBays. It is red so it matches the parents' couches. I love this cat tree because usually it is by the window in the family room also by the fireplace so it is warm there and I can see the birdies. This is where you can watch birdies the best and Figaro likes to sit on the bottom step and hang out. I like to sit on the top only. But it is a little small for a big kitty so only I get to go up there. But when Figaro sits on the bottoms he likes to swat my tail, it is kind of annoyings. Here it is in the middle of the livingroom 'cause we are watching our movie on TV. Of course I wish it were the taller. But we got it for only $25 including shippings! And it was brand new. Check eBay for great dealses.

Cat Cube Review

Two Paws Way Up! This toy is great funs.

I got this cat cube for my 6 months birthday and I really like it. I love to hide in it, play in it, sleep in it. When Figaro got born he really liked it too and kept trying to make me move out of it, so Mom got him another one. Then we had two. You can buy lots of them and connect them to make tunnels but we fought a lot when they were connected. They also have a fun jangly thing on the insides that is fun for swatting. They are made of material like a human persons tent. We pretend like we are on a camping trips. Also I like to bring my toys in there and lay down and relax. Figaro likes to go wild inside of it and jump around like a crazy kitty.

Unfortunately, we are only allowed to play in it now with parents supervision because Figaro has decided to use it sometimes as a bathroom for his #1 businesses. We are not sure why this is.

We got this one at Wal Mart for about $3-$4. But we knows you can get it at Target too or really anywhere. It is collapsible so when we are not playing with it collapses into a small square for the closet.

Cat-a-Ball Toy

No Paws up! We do not like this thing even a little bit.

Mom got this for be because she thought it would be interesting, but ever since I was a small kitten I did not like it. It is too big and jangly and I don't have any interests to get the little ball on the inside. When we see it we runs away. Do not spend any moneys on this toy. Instead buy some little balls like the one on the inside for your kitty to play with! If you still want it, you can get it at Petsmart for about $5. The photo of it is from Petsmart also because we don't have a photo of ourselves with it because we do not like it!

Kitty Swat Exerciser Review

One Paw Up - Its not the worst, but its not the best either!

I liked playing with this more when I was a small kitten because it was a good large size for me to swat. Now I am just not so interesting in it. However, if you buyed this and your kitty doesn't really like it, put catnips on it! We grows our own catnips in a little pot, and Mamaw rubs one leaf of catnip on it - it is very fun then! I love to play with it as does Figaro. However the catnip wears off very quickly and then we get bored of it. It is also fun to put it inside of things like in our kitty tent. We got this at Petsmart for $5.


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