Nutritious but Figaro doesn't like it - one paw up!

We got these at Petsmart for pretty expensive, I think maybe $6 for the small bucket. I can't find the link to them right now but they should be available at the local PetSmart store. Here is the Beefeater site but they only show dog treats there. They are very healthy because they are ingredients of 100% freeze-dried salmon! Mom got us these because she needed some treats for us that are not needing refrigeration which we can use for clicker and toilet training.

But here are some points:

1. They are all-natural and very good for you, so this is nutritious
2. I like them!!


1. Figaro won't even eat them
2. They're very flakey pieces so we have to either have a big chunk or a bunch of powder which makes me sneeze
3. They are kind of expensive

The verdicts is, you can decide for yourselfs if you like it or not. But we are still on the lookout for the perfect, delicious, healthy, and all-natural treat. This doen'st exist for human peoples, so we don't think it will be available for kittehs either. Chocolate cake, anyone?? :)

SoftClaws - Say 'NO' to Declawing!

Two Paws Way, Way Up!

I am a quite happy kitty because my parents did not declaw me. I hope this review convinces your parents not to declaw you either, because it is an extremely painful operation!!! At first, Papaw was like "we have to declaw the kitty because she will scratch the furniture!" So my fate was uncertain. But then my Mommy discovered SoftClaws. And now this is what we wear. Let me tell you about them. SoftClaws are made out of rubbery plastic, and they go as caps on each nail with some special kitty nail glue. They also come in various fashionable colors. They were invented by a veterinarian (I usually trust products when real kitty doctors are involved) and have been around since the 1990s. Also, we can extract and retract our claws as much as we want, and the SoftClaws don't bother us. Both I and Figaro took to wearing them immediately. Right now I wear pink and Figaro is wearing some blue and some purple (he went up a size recently.)

The SoftClaws come in a package of 40 which should last you a few months. When a claw falls off, you just add a new one using the glue provided. Usually our claws fall off one at a time, and it happens about every two weeks or so that a claw cap falls off and we have to get a new one. Since Mom has been handling our paws ever since we were babies, we don't mind getting claws put on, but if you are afraid of parents touching your paws, you might have to work on it with some training. These are a great, great solution to not being declawed. We scratch on things but nothing gets hurt. We even like to use our scratching post with them on.

Where to Buy: You can buy these at Petsmart, Amazon, or directly from the SoftClaws website. They are around $18 for a package of 40 which has the glue and applicator tips included, and should last you 4-6 months. For example, I had a pack of pink ones that I got back in October and I finally just ran out of them. At Petsmart you can only get clear, while the SoftClaws site has tons tons tons of choices. We prefer to get ours from reputable sellers on eBay, because then we can snag them for $5 less including shipping, about $13-15. Also if you don't know what size to get, I think you can buy a sample with may sizes on the eBay to try out. most kitties wear Medium. I wear Small, but Figaro wears Medium and will probably wear Large when he is fully grown since he is only 7 months of old right now!

Tips: Just apply like the directions say. But since we apply claws as soon as they fall off, if we used a new applicator each time, we would run out! So Mamaw does the following: Put on the applicator tip, use duct tape to attach it more securely to the glue. Stick the tip into the glue lid (it won't fit completely), and then put the whole thing in the little baggie provided for the tips and shut as tight as possible. It won't dry out for a long, long time. If some glue dries on the tip you can cut it off or stick a needle in there to make the hole again.

Here is a pic of Figaro's claw caps, and you can see my claws in the background.


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