Loco!Motion Electronic Toy from Target

1 paw up

We got this toy because I am always a very hyper kitty in the morning at 5 am and the parents thought it would help them sleep if they can turn it on and it will entertain me. However, I do not like it much... It was about $20 at Target.

The toy is actually quite quiet for what would be expected for this price. The feather is quite nice. The various motion settings are also very good.

Cons: the feather hangs so low that if a cat is sitting by the thing it is just hitting her in the head! This is sort of annoying. It is not a "pounceable" height, even for an average size kitten, because it is lower to the ground than we like. It also falls over a lot anytime we try to play with it. We like it better if it is on something tall, like a chair, but then it also falls over.

Possibilities... maybe hooking a lazer pointer to this thing would be a good idea, because this would be some erratic visual entertainment, without any problems of the thing being knocked over.

Cheese Chase Cat Toy from Target

1 lazy paw half-way up!

We got this toy when Figaro was still a kitten, because we really like our homemade peek a prize and this one also has a ball that is inside of something. And it has that cute fishie at the top. But we never play with this toy very much. Sometimes we play with it, but it has to have a lot of catnip in it for it to be a whole lot of fun. It also makes a little bit of a ruckus so it cannot stay in the bedroom at night or if we play with it we will wake someone up.

It is a very cute toy though.

Pet Gear AT3 Pet Stroller - 2 paws up!

We just received our PetGear AT3 from the mail - we bought it on eBay from adventurepetoutlet.

We got the PetGear brand because it is the best brand out there for pet strollers (so we gathered from reviews), and we wanted something with a smooth ride because cats are less likely than dogs to tolerate much jolting.

Here are some pros and cons.


This stroller was very easy to put together
It handles incredibly well - the 3 wheels are ideal. It can easily turn and not much force is needed to push it.
The wheels are very big which is good for handling
It seems extremely sturdy.
It has 2 ports for cats to enter/exit - one in rear, one over top
There is plenty of room for 2 cats in there, and one cat can lounge quite nicely
The ride is very smooth because of the shock absorbers
The wheels lock easily
It folds up quite easily and fits in the trunk
Cat is higher up than in one of those 3-way carrier models
I am 5'8'', and even in heels the holding bar is easy for me
There are lots of storage places - not sure that we will be using them but could be a plus
Can easily see in/out - a lot of window space!
It seems cozy for them to sit in there, they like to go in it even when it is not in use!


It is somewhat heavy to actually pick up - much heavier than the smaller Sportster by PetGear - or so we hear
The top is a little bit hard to zip open and close - we hope this will change with time.
The smell inside is a little bit "plastic" but that should go away in a few weeks

Overall, the cats seem to like riding in it - at least short distances so far. We will be using it for Figaro's Pet Therapy visits starting in a few weeks.


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