Hi kitties,

Today I want to review our NEW Isis Dei Laptop sleeve. It is the green polka pattern (we all knows green is my favorite color!). The laptop sleeve is very cool. We give it 2 paws up. All kitties who blog need a laptop sleeve.
Here are some of the pros and cons...

It is made of "memory foam". That means if you press your paw on it, then in a few seconds it goes back to normal. Also we read that "memory foam" is the best for anti-shock protection for the laptop.

It has a very styling zipper. The zipper pull is very high-end and says "Isis dei" on it.
The computer is protected from scratching by the zipper with a special extra casing.

The sleeve opens up so that it can be used while the computer is being used, protecting it from dust. It can even have all its usb ports used while it is on.

The inside is very soft also, so the laptop is comfy.

It will definitely protect the lap of tops from scratches, and we are very sure that it will protect it from banging around.

It is the best bargain-priced sleeve we could find that actually looks far more fancy and expensive.

We bought it for our HP Pavilion dv2000. Someone on reviews said that it fits this laptop "like a glove". I would disagree...this laptop is a little small for this sleeve. There is about 1/2 inch of space on all sides. However, it DOES fit just fine and we will be keeping it. One idea may be to sew on some black ribbon to make the fit better. We wish he had a MAC now, OK!?!?! :) (It is meant for a mac..!)

The green polkas are more bright than we thought, we thought they would be more pastel from a photo we saw. But that's not a big deal. We sort of wish we would have bought the "goldfish" pattern...



LitterKwitter - 1 paws up

We have been training on the litter kwitter for a long time now. We give it 1 paws up because of some pros and cons.

It is very, very sturdy. This is good because Figaro is 11 pounds large. In our homemade system, he kept falling in.

It may not be easy to clean but it is easy to GET clean as opposed to homemade systems which may use tape or small parts that traps dirtyness.

You have to get the intermediate multi-cat kit trays for it to work because the progression is very fast between the regular disk.

The white part that is supposed to fit over our toilet did not do so well so we had to tape it down.

It is a pain to clean compared to our homemade system, but our homemade system would only work for a smaller kitty. We used a platter with a plastic bowl insert, bowl just gets taken out and dumped and cleaned in the sink. With this system, you have to clean the entire thing.

In the red disk, when a big kitty with fluffy furs uses it, the #1 all goes into one area and can rise up very high to make his bottom wet. To remedy this situation we had to make a few tiny holes for drainage that allows water through but not litter. And we had to trim Figaro's bottom-furs.

It might be more convenient for the hole to start on the side of the disk instead of smack in the middle, because it is difficult for Figaro to get used to a hole that is right in his business space. I would propose a hole that starts near the back of the toilet.

It definitely takes LONGER than it says! We have been taking about a month now on the red disk, and that is after spending 8 months on our homemade system. We are finally moved on to the orange disk on top of red for the Figaro. But he finds it very difficult to adjust. Note that this is a good tip we picked up, to have the orange on top of red for the first start.

A hole might be better for an intermediate disk that is smaller than the one in interamber, something smaller than paw size that allows kitty to see what is down below without the urge to get his paws wet and then get scared.

It would be better if the disk was not so flat - a little bit more depth would get rid of the wet bottom problem.

What Figaro really does not like is water. We are thinking of hanging a piece of toilet paper somewhere below the hole to obscure the view of the water for a while. After each business is done the toilet paper could easily be flushed. It has to be lower than paw length but higher than getting wet in the water.

Loco!Motion Electronic Toy from Target

1 paw up

We got this toy because I am always a very hyper kitty in the morning at 5 am and the parents thought it would help them sleep if they can turn it on and it will entertain me. However, I do not like it much... It was about $20 at Target.

The toy is actually quite quiet for what would be expected for this price. The feather is quite nice. The various motion settings are also very good.

Cons: the feather hangs so low that if a cat is sitting by the thing it is just hitting her in the head! This is sort of annoying. It is not a "pounceable" height, even for an average size kitten, because it is lower to the ground than we like. It also falls over a lot anytime we try to play with it. We like it better if it is on something tall, like a chair, but then it also falls over.

Possibilities... maybe hooking a lazer pointer to this thing would be a good idea, because this would be some erratic visual entertainment, without any problems of the thing being knocked over.

Cheese Chase Cat Toy from Target

1 lazy paw half-way up!

We got this toy when Figaro was still a kitten, because we really like our homemade peek a prize and this one also has a ball that is inside of something. And it has that cute fishie at the top. But we never play with this toy very much. Sometimes we play with it, but it has to have a lot of catnip in it for it to be a whole lot of fun. It also makes a little bit of a ruckus so it cannot stay in the bedroom at night or if we play with it we will wake someone up.

It is a very cute toy though.

Pet Gear AT3 Pet Stroller - 2 paws up!

We just received our PetGear AT3 from the mail - we bought it on eBay from adventurepetoutlet.

We got the PetGear brand because it is the best brand out there for pet strollers (so we gathered from reviews), and we wanted something with a smooth ride because cats are less likely than dogs to tolerate much jolting.

Here are some pros and cons.


This stroller was very easy to put together
It handles incredibly well - the 3 wheels are ideal. It can easily turn and not much force is needed to push it.
The wheels are very big which is good for handling
It seems extremely sturdy.
It has 2 ports for cats to enter/exit - one in rear, one over top
There is plenty of room for 2 cats in there, and one cat can lounge quite nicely
The ride is very smooth because of the shock absorbers
The wheels lock easily
It folds up quite easily and fits in the trunk
Cat is higher up than in one of those 3-way carrier models
I am 5'8'', and even in heels the holding bar is easy for me
There are lots of storage places - not sure that we will be using them but could be a plus
Can easily see in/out - a lot of window space!
It seems cozy for them to sit in there, they like to go in it even when it is not in use!


It is somewhat heavy to actually pick up - much heavier than the smaller Sportster by PetGear - or so we hear
The top is a little bit hard to zip open and close - we hope this will change with time.
The smell inside is a little bit "plastic" but that should go away in a few weeks

Overall, the cats seem to like riding in it - at least short distances so far. We will be using it for Figaro's Pet Therapy visits starting in a few weeks.

Cat DVD "While You Are Gone" Review

One Paw Up!

For Christmas I asked for the DVD of cat, "While You Are Gone." We got it from Amazon. It has some nice fishes, ducks, birds, and squirrelz. Sometimes Mom turns it on while we are home alone. We like to watch it for maybe 10 seconds but then we stop. But in a few minutes we come back and look again. It is interesting to have something new to watch.
We got it because our friend Maddie had one and she really likes to watch hers but hers is cooler although we thought this one would be cooler. But since we don't like to watch too much I don't think parents are going to ever get us another one. (The picture is of the us watching the DVD on the cat tree) Here you can get the DVD on Amazon.

Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy Review

Hide your Paws! No Paws Up!

We hate this toy, it is absolutely scary. The sound is scary and everything about it is scary. It makes loud sounds that scare kitties when you touch it. When you touch it it moves which would be cooler if it was small and furry. Mom got it for me when I was first a small kitten and Papaw disabled the sounds on it so it would be less scary but I still hate it. We never play with it. And recently mom took it out to see if maybe Figaro will like it now that he is older but it is not working anymore, even with new batteries. Mom said it is waste of our moneys. We got at Petsmart.


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