LitterKwitter - 1 paws up

We have been training on the litter kwitter for a long time now. We give it 1 paws up because of some pros and cons.

It is very, very sturdy. This is good because Figaro is 11 pounds large. In our homemade system, he kept falling in.

It may not be easy to clean but it is easy to GET clean as opposed to homemade systems which may use tape or small parts that traps dirtyness.

You have to get the intermediate multi-cat kit trays for it to work because the progression is very fast between the regular disk.

The white part that is supposed to fit over our toilet did not do so well so we had to tape it down.

It is a pain to clean compared to our homemade system, but our homemade system would only work for a smaller kitty. We used a platter with a plastic bowl insert, bowl just gets taken out and dumped and cleaned in the sink. With this system, you have to clean the entire thing.

In the red disk, when a big kitty with fluffy furs uses it, the #1 all goes into one area and can rise up very high to make his bottom wet. To remedy this situation we had to make a few tiny holes for drainage that allows water through but not litter. And we had to trim Figaro's bottom-furs.

It might be more convenient for the hole to start on the side of the disk instead of smack in the middle, because it is difficult for Figaro to get used to a hole that is right in his business space. I would propose a hole that starts near the back of the toilet.

It definitely takes LONGER than it says! We have been taking about a month now on the red disk, and that is after spending 8 months on our homemade system. We are finally moved on to the orange disk on top of red for the Figaro. But he finds it very difficult to adjust. Note that this is a good tip we picked up, to have the orange on top of red for the first start.

A hole might be better for an intermediate disk that is smaller than the one in interamber, something smaller than paw size that allows kitty to see what is down below without the urge to get his paws wet and then get scared.

It would be better if the disk was not so flat - a little bit more depth would get rid of the wet bottom problem.

What Figaro really does not like is water. We are thinking of hanging a piece of toilet paper somewhere below the hole to obscure the view of the water for a while. After each business is done the toilet paper could easily be flushed. It has to be lower than paw length but higher than getting wet in the water.


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