Cy-Purr Mouse Sound Activated Toy Review

Hide your Paws! No Paws Up!

We hate this toy, it is absolutely scary. The sound is scary and everything about it is scary. It makes loud sounds that scare kitties when you touch it. When you touch it it moves which would be cooler if it was small and furry. Mom got it for me when I was first a small kitten and Papaw disabled the sounds on it so it would be less scary but I still hate it. We never play with it. And recently mom took it out to see if maybe Figaro will like it now that he is older but it is not working anymore, even with new batteries. Mom said it is waste of our moneys. We got at Petsmart.


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    the mouse even LOOKs scary!  

  2. noraswift said...

    My 11 yr. old shih tzu loves these. He has played with them most of his life. He carries it by the tail and even sleeps with it hanging out of his mouth. My grandaughter broke his last one and since they've been discontinued I haven't been able to find a new one and he's lost without his mousy. Any chance you still have this and would sell it? You'd make an old dog VERY happy. Thanks Nora  


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