Loco!Motion Electronic Toy from Target

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We got this toy because I am always a very hyper kitty in the morning at 5 am and the parents thought it would help them sleep if they can turn it on and it will entertain me. However, I do not like it much... It was about $20 at Target.

The toy is actually quite quiet for what would be expected for this price. The feather is quite nice. The various motion settings are also very good.

Cons: the feather hangs so low that if a cat is sitting by the thing it is just hitting her in the head! This is sort of annoying. It is not a "pounceable" height, even for an average size kitten, because it is lower to the ground than we like. It also falls over a lot anytime we try to play with it. We like it better if it is on something tall, like a chair, but then it also falls over.

Possibilities... maybe hooking a lazer pointer to this thing would be a good idea, because this would be some erratic visual entertainment, without any problems of the thing being knocked over.


  1. Veronica (& Fig) said...

    Update - our mom stepped on this toy and broked it last week. now we have to fix it somehow.  


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